Jubilee Community Services Road Safety Funding

Thursday, 05 March 2020

I congratulate Jubilee Community Services on the continuation of their 'Safer St George Citizens' initiative.

In December last year, the NSW Government announced a grant of almost 5 thousand dollars to continue this very worthwhile program.

Jubilee Community Services, together with this Government, recognise that education is the first step to creating safer communities.

That is why this money will be put towards workshops on pedestrian safety and driver safety, in order to make St George's roads safer. 

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Local Road Projects

Thursday, 05 March 2020

I inform the House of local road projects currently being undertaken across the electorate of Oatley. This investment in our road transport network will ensure residents across New South Wales are spending less time commuting and more time with their family and friends. Across my electorate we are seeing investment in the widening of King Georges Road, a project that has been talked about for generations—for 40 years, in fact. For too long, motorists have experienced significant congestion along this road corridor, particularly during weekday peak periods.

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Resourceful Australia Indian Network Pongal Celebration

Thursday, 05 March 2020

I inform the House of the success of the Resourceful Australia Indian Network Pongal celebration held on 25 January.

The Pongal festival is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in South India and is a thanksgiving for the plentiful harvest received.

This is when farmers bring newly harvested rice home and feed their cattle a rice dish called Pongal, from which the festival got its name.

It is dedicated to Lord Surya the Sun God. Pongal festival is also celebrated as Tamil Nadu's new year day.

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St George Men's Shed

Thursday, 05 March 2020

I was pleased to visit my friends at the St George Men's Shed in January.

The Australian Men's Shed Association supports over 1,000 men's sheds, including the St George Men's Shed, of which I am a patron.

The shed currently operates out of Carrs Park and services all of the St George area.

The Men's Shed undertakes a wide variety of activities, including carpentry, furniture making, photography, leather work and basic computer skills.

More importantly, it provides men an opportunity to bond and develop their skills.

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