Coure Welcomes Chinese Calligraphists to NSW

Monday, 23 July 2012

On Tuesday Mark Coure MP, State Member for Oatley and the Chair of the Chinese Ministerial Consultative Committee welcomed the Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition to Sydney. After successfully held in Paris and Berlin, 'The Beauty of Chinese Characters' has finally made its way to Sydney for the next few days.


The Chinese Calligraphers Association, Chinese Calligraphy Court, Chinese Art Court and Ausfeng Events Centre have proudly organised and are hosting this event in Sydney's Town Hall.


Representing the NSW Premier, the Hon Barry O'Farrell and the Minister for Citizenship and Communities, the Hon Victor Dominello, Mr Coure said "I have always had a great love and fascination of Chinese culture and tradition. Just last week I returned from visiting China on a delegation. Once again, I continue to be amazed at the diversity of the Chinese."


"Diversity of the Chinese culture has been fortunate to have transposed current Australian cultural harmony and I am proud to represent the electorate with one of the largest Chinese populations in New South Wales," Mr Coure said.


The exhibition collects calligraphic works that are recently created by 60 most famous Chinese contemporary calligraphers. The collection includes the antithetical couplet, the central scroll, the circular fan, doufang (sheets about one foot square with inscription for pasting on wall), horizontal scroll, seal carving and lettering works and the format covers regular script, running hand, grass writing, clerical script and seal script.


Mr Coure said he looks forward to similar events in the future that boast the Chinese culture, tradition and diversity.