Coure Welcomes Get Tough on Graffiti Vandals

Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Member for Oatley Mark Coure today applauded moves by the NSW Government giving courts the power to disqualify a graffiti vandals driver’s licence honouring another election commitment by the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government.

Mr Coure said graffiti was a real problem in Oatley, and on the public transport systems that carry people to work every day.

“The public are sick and tired of waking up to find trains, buses, schools, fences and other buildings marred by ugly graffiti tags,” said Mr Coure.

“It’s costing the community more than $100 million a year, including around $50 million just by RailCorp. Under this legislation magistrates will be empowered to put offenders on licence restrictions, reduce the offender’s number of demerit points or disqualify them from driving altogether.”

The NSW Government will:

  • require juvenile graffiti vandals to appear before the court for a graffiti offence;
  • gives courts the power to:
    • extend the time graffiti offenders spend on learner or provisional licences, or
    • suspend a driver licence, or
    • limit the number of demerit points they are able to accrue over a specific period;
  • require cleaning up graffiti a condition of any court imposed Community Service Orders on graffiti offenders
  • establish a graffiti hotline which will be with call centres operated by Police.

Mr Coure said requiring juveniles to appear before a court for a graffiti offence will send a strong message that damaging or defacing property is not a trivial matter.

“Any parent of young adults knows, there’s nothing more valuable to young people than their driver’s licence. The introduction of stronger penalties for offenders and a scheme to ensure graffiti is promptly detected and removed will discourage vandals, improve public safety and build community pride,’’ Mr Coure said.