Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Mr Mark Coure today welcomed the NSW Government’s announcement the St George Local Area Command will be one of the four trial sites for Australia’s first Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) which will disclose information about a perpetrator’s violent history.

Mr Coure said under the DVDS a person or a concerned third party, such as family, friends or agencies, can make an application to NSW Police for the disclosure of a person’s violent offending history.

“This is about preventing people being kept in the dark about potential dangers in their relationships,” Mr Coure said

This announcement was made as part of a $60 million package to target perpetrators and support women, men and children who have experienced domestic and family violence (DFV).

The comprehensive package includes new Police Domestic Violence High-Risk Offender Teams to target perpetrators and stop the rate of reoffending. The package also includes DFV Suspect Target Management Plans that will put offenders on notice, as well as mandated behaviour change programs to make perpetrators address their behaviour. In addition, the package will increase crisis accommodation support for victims and provide a stronger response to sexual assault.

Mr Coure said the NSW Government is supporting victims and targeting perpetrators of this insidious crime to stop the violence before it occurs.

“Sadly, too many people in our community suffer domestic and family violence at the hands of someone they know and trust Mr Coure said.

“Domestic violence is a crime. I am calling on the community to join me in saying enough is enough.”

This is the first stage of the NSW Government’s increased investment into DFV. The Government is currently working with the non-government sector to analyse service gaps through a DFV Blueprint. This work will be completed in 2016.