Increased Council Rates – Labor’s Carbon Tax To Hit Hurstville, Kogarah And Rockdale City Councils

Monday, 23 July 2012

"Every ratepayer of Hurstville, Kogarah and Rockdale City Councils will be slugged by the Labor government carbon tax" Member for Oatley, Mark Coure said.


Mr Coure has condemned Federal Labor’s carbon tax as an attack on NSW residents and ratepayers.


As revealed today, council rates across NSW will next year increase by at least $14m – the direct result of Federal Labor’s carbon tax.


Councils of Hurstville, Kogarah and Rockdale will have to collect an additional $128,830, $85,768 and $155,714 respectively in rates alone due to the carbon tax.


“Our worst fears regarding Federal Labor’s Carbon Tax have now become a reality,” Mr Coure said.


“It’s not only energy bills where local residents will feel the impact of the Carbon Tax, they are also going to cop it in the hip pocket when it comes time to pay their council rates.


“This rates increase will be another financial burden for NSW households, with average electricity bills to rise by approximately $182, mainly due to the introduction of the carbon tax.”


Mr Coure said that is was extremely disappointing for the Local Government industry that the new tax has not taken into account the significant impact of the tax on the local government sector.


“Some Councils in NSW will still be slugged for other facilities including water treatment plants. Unlike some individuals who will receive some compensation, Hurstville, Kogarah and Rockdale Councils will receive no compensation, so ultimately ratepayers will cop it."


"It is clear to me the Labor Mayor of Hurstville, Steve McMahon has failed to stand up for his community. Mr McMahon has shown he will not lobby Federal Labor at all on the Carbon Tax and will gladly take more money from the pockets of Hurstville ratepayers."


“This ‘reprieve’ announced by the Acting Prime Minister will only delay the costs for 12 months relating to landfill facilities that Councils operate but does not assist with the majority of other costs."


“There are potentially millions of dollars more in costs that the Federal Labor Government has shamelessly walloped every council in the state with no way to pay it."


“It is clear that the federal Labor government failed to take into account the Local Government sector – now they are trying to play catch-up with policy on the run."


“I call on the Federal Government to scrap this carbon tax - It would be the best thing the Federal Government could do for the St. George community,” Mr Coure concluded.