Local Arts Festival Receives Funding Boost Thanks to the NSW Government

Friday, 19 June 2020
Mark Coure, Member for Oatley, announced that local youth arts organisation Shopfront Art Co-op has received $19,000 thanks to the NSW Government’s Arts and Cultural Funding Program.
Shopfront is one of 74 recipients sharing in over $2.7 million of funding through the Program which assists projects administered by small to medium arts and cultural organisations.
The organisation will use the funding to hold the Elevate Festival, a multicultural arts festival that will showcase the diverse voices of local artists and cultural practitioners.
Mr Coure said that this funding will assist young and up-and-coming artists to perform and display their work to audiences across south-Sydney.
“Shopfront Arts Co-op is well known for their strong investment in youth arts projects, allowing young people to express themselves through a variety of art forms,” Mr Coure said.
“The Elevate Festival celebrates the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our young people and will give them the opportunity to tell their story through the art they create.”
“I cannot wait to attend the festival’s events and view the performances and shows that our local young people will produce.”
Daniel Potter, CEO of Shopfront, said that this funding will expand the Festival’s reach and help more young people get involved.
“This funding will assist us in bringing the Elevate Festival to more young people so that we can give all the artists and participants a truly dynamic and meaningful experience,”
Mr Potter said.
The Elevate Festival is scheduled for December 2020. For more information on the festival please visit https://shopfront.org.au/.