Mark Coure Campaigns for Pedestrian Safety Around Riverwood Shops

Thursday, 19 September 2019

This week Member for Oatley, Mark Coure, launched his campaign to improve safety around Riverwood Shops.

Mr Coure is asking for the community to support his move to lower the speed limit to 40km/hour along Thurlow Street and Belmore Road in the Riverwood Shopping District.

Riverwood Shops currently has a speed limit of 50km/hour. Mr Coure said that as the area is heavily populated with both road and foot traffic the current speed limit does not adequately protect the large number of pedestrians that pass through the area.

Mr Coure added that many concerned residents had contacted him about near misses they had experienced while visiting Riverwood Shops and that he was urged to lower the speed limit to ensure pedestrian safety.

“Riverwood is a major shopping district and commuter hub in my electorate. I want to ensure that when residents visit local small businesses or catch a train or bus in Riverwood they feel safe.”

“Lowering the speed limit to 40km/hour would bring Riverwood in line with other major hubs including Mortdale Shops and Hurstville Shops.”

“Residents can support my campaign by signing my petition which is available online on my website, hard copies are also available from my office.”

Community feedback and input is welcomed on this important issue.