Mental health support for St George residents

Monday, 19 July 2021

Member for Oatley, Mark Coure, is encouraging local residents and their families to access mental health support services following the extension of current COVID-19 restrictions.

Mr Coure has empathised with those feeling the impacts of social and physical isolation and understands the effects that it can have on mental health.

“This uncertain period is putting additional pressure on individuals suffering mental illness and financial hardship, impacting all aspects of our lives. I want to stress that there is support available and I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about accessing support to do so,” Mr Coure said.

“Even just talking to a family member, colleague, or friend can make an enormous difference. I am encouraging all members of the St George community to check in on their friends, family and loved ones as much as they can.”

“The compassion and comradery shown by the St George community over the past few weeks has been exceptional and it makes me immensely proud to represent our region.”

The St George region has a number of local mental and emotional support options that are targeted to individuals of all age groups which include:

Media contact: Oatley Electorate Office 9580 9349