Thursday, 01 October 2015

Mr Mark Coure today urged men to get active, following the launch of the NSW Government’s Real Men Move initiative, a three-year program aimed at getting men over 40 off the couch.

Announced by Minister for Ageing John Ajaka on International Day of Older Persons, Real Men Move is a website and initiative designed to support healthy ageing amongst men and will form part of the 2016 NSW Seniors Week – Healthy Living.

Mr Ajaka said that the website offers resources for partners and friends to encourage their loved ones to kick start an exercise regime.

Mr Coure said the Real Men Move website has been created to inspire men to increase their participation in physical activity and provides exercise options for all interests and fitness levels.

“We are all aware of the importance of maintaining physical activity throughout our lives but statistics tell us that when men reach a certain age they simply stop being as active,” Mr Coure said.

“Often, all it takes is a push in the right direction and some encouragement from family and friends for people to recognise the importance of getting fit and the benefits of staying healthy.”

The Real Men Move website caters for a variety of circumstances and preferences providing information including:

·      Ideas on how older men can start exercising immediately in the comfort of their home

·      The social and health benefits of exercising in a group

·      Resources for community groups such as Men’s Sheds to get their members moving.


Real Men Move can be found at: