NSW Government Grant Bringing The Community Together

Wednesday, 16 September 2020
Mark Coure, Member for Oatley, recently announced a $10,000 NSW Government grant to Riverwood Community Centre to help celebrate diversity in the local community.
The funding will facilitate five workshops available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of the community, as well as new arrivals to Australia. The workshops are aimed at building awareness and pride about how we live, important changes in our society, and services available to everyone.
“We are fortunate to be part of a tight-knit community that looks out for each other. It’s important that we are all able to enjoy that opportunity. This is about welcoming residents with open arms,” Mr Coure said.
The funding will also support a National Reconciliation Week event aimed at celebrating diversity and Aboriginal culture.
“I can’t wait for the event. Every background and heritage has a story to tell, and this event will bring diversity in our community to the forefront.” Geoff Lee, Acting Minister for Multiculturalism, said the funding was awarded under the NSW Government’s Celebrating Diversity Grants Program.
“The Celebrating Diversity program is helping communities right across the State to appreciate and understand different cultures and backgrounds,” Minister Lee said.
“One of the reasons Australia is such a successful multicultural nation is because we embrace all backgrounds.”
“I have no doubt the We Stand Here (Together) program run by Riverwood Community Centre will bring the St George community even closer together.”
More information on the Celebrating Diversity Grants program can be found at https://mgnsw.org.au/sector/funding/other-grants/community-projects/cele...