Scope Changes on Connells Point Road

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

In response to community consultation and the completion of further assessments, Transport for NSW has made scope changes for upgrades along Connells Point Road.

Member for Oatley, Mark Coure, said that the now completed additional planning work included relocating and consolidating existing bus stops to increase efficiency and safety along Connells Point Road.

“Improvements to King Georges Road and Connells Point Road are running smoothly and it is fantastic to see that community consultation and ongoing assessments are being utilised to ensure that this project is as effective as possible,” Mr Coure said.

“King Georges Road and Connells Point Road are both major thoroughfares for commuters and local residents and these upgrades will ensure a safer and more reliable journey for all.”

Transport for NSW is planning to carry out this work along Connells Point Road in early 2022.

“Despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our construction sector, this project is continuing to gather momentum to ensure that local residents can enjoy these upgrades as soon as possible.”

In March 2021, Transport for NSW committed to reviewing the proposal. Following further investigations, Transport for NSW is proposing the following scope, to achieve a balance between parking needs and traffic flow:

 The implementation of a right turn bay from Connells Point Road onto King Georges Road north that is extended by 56 metres during peak period.
 About nine parking spaces converted to ‘no stopping’ during weekday peak periods to allow for extension of the right turn bay and improve traffic movement.

“I support these proposed works as a means of improving both vehicle and pedestrian safety, traffic flow and the overall effectiveness of this project."

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