Work Completed at Hillcrest Avenue

Monday, 04 September 2017

Mr Mark Coure, Member for Oatley, today announced that work has been completed on the section of road on Hillcrest Avenue, Hurstville that was damaged when a 1200 mm water main burst on the 18th July.

The break was very rare and ranked in the most sever category of water main breaks. Sydney Water crews responded quickly to shut down the flow of water but there was damage to gardens, houses and the road.

“I visited the site shortly after the water main had been turned off and was shocked at the force and speed of the water”, Mr Coure said.

“After speaking with residents and inspecting the site I met with staff from Sydney Water and discussed the clean-up and repairs to the area”, Mr Coure said.

It took several hours for the water to drain from the road due to the size and complex nature of the local water supply network. The initial repair was completed on 31 July.

All water main replacements were completed on 16 August 2017, following the reinstatement of stormwater and gas supply infrastructure that was removed to allow the pipe work to be replaced.

Road restoration is now completed with the section of Hillcrest Avenue between Mabel Street and King Georges Road reopened on1 September 2017.

“The cause of the main break has been investigated and appears to be due to external corrosion following the breakdown of the original protective coating on the pipe.”

“My thanks to local residents for their patience whilst this work has been carried out and for working with Sydney Water to repair damage to their gardens and homes”, Mr Coure said.