3Bridges Virtual Inclusion Centre

Friday, 13 November 2020

Speaker I am pleased to extend my appreciation to all of the fantastic staff and volunteers at 3Bridges for their hard work and commitment throughout the COVID pandemic.

Thanks to their COVID safe plan, the organisation was able to provide much needed services in the height of the pandemic including their frozen meal service and they even began doing phone calls to check in on the elderly and those who were socially isolated. This showcases the dedication of Chief Executive Officer, Raj Nair and his team as they continued to provide care and compassion to those who needed it most.

Earlier this year, I was able to provide $25,000 to this incredible organisation to provide a virtual community inclusion centre thanks to the Community Building Partnership grant. This funding means that 3Bridges can continue to provide these vital services during this difficult time while continuing to keep the community together and engaged.

I would again like to thank Raj Nair, Barry Gallagher and their team for all of their outstanding work and it is an honour to acknowledge them here today in Parliament.