Graduation Mass and Awards- St Joseph's Oatley

Wednesday, 05 February 2020

Speaker, I rise to inform the house of the St Joseph's Primary School's graduation mass and award ceremony, held on the 16th of December.

School award ceremonies are a highlight of my year and as a former student, St Joseph's ceremony is particularly special.

I have a strong connection with the school and parish, which was strengthened by my nephew, Maverick, starting at St Joseph's this year!

I am pleased to say that this Government is also supportive of St Joseph's Oatley, recently delivering them a crossing supervisor to ensure student safety at the Rosa Street pedestrian crossing.

This has been well received by the St Joseph's Oatley community, who are thrilled that the area is now safer for students and drivers.

Thank you to Principal Kylie Brakel for the invitation and thank you to Father Paul Hilder for delivering a lovely Mass service.

I would also like to thank the whole St Joseph's community for their continual contributions to our wider community.

I wish the recently graduated St Joseph's students all the best as they navigate their way through high school this year.