Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I applaud the Government for its investment in Hurstville Public School, which is one of the largest primary schools in the State, with over 1,000 students currently enrolled. It also is one of the State's most diverse schools, with 96 per cent of students speaking a language other than English at home. As a community-focused member of Parliament I have been working hard to secure better education services for my electorate. Since being elected as the member for Oatley I have been determined to improve the quality of our schools and to better support our hardworking teachers. For this reason I am pleased to announce that the O'Farrell Government recently agreed to fund a new multimillion dollar infrastructure project that will improve Hurstville Public School.


Hurstville Public School will receive a new two-storey classroom building with 11 new classrooms, toilet facilities and new special program rooms. In addition, seven classrooms will undergo extensive refurbishment and practical activity areas will be constructed. Such initiatives demonstrate the commitment of this Government to improving education and educational facilities across New South Wales. I note that in the 2012-13 State budget an additional $383 million was added to education spending. This brings the State's total education spending to $13.83 billion for this financial year alone. This highlights that our public education system is a key priority for the O'Farrell Government and that we are committed to ensuring that our children get the best education possible.


Education always has been a priority of mine and I have always supported this State's schoolteachers. My wife is a schoolteacher, so I know firsthand how difficult teaching can be. Our public schools contribute an enormous amount to the development of our local communities. Through good quality education children can grow into adults who are able to make a valued contribution to our society. Our local schools are the first point of call when it comes to promoting a sense of civic responsibility and the importance of having a well-rounded character. Hurstville Public School is an excellent example of a school that enriches the lives of school-aged children within the St George region. The school is noted for its outstanding academic results and a significant portion of students successful in gaining admission to a selective high school.


As well as its strong academic record, Hurstville Public School also places a strong focus on a range of extracurricular activities. The school runs a range of activities from Chinese dance to debating to chess. The school is noted particularly for its choir and band groups. With this most recent injection of funding Hurstville Public School can continue to operate to its fullest capacity. This funding will go a long way to providing additional facilities to enable Hurstville Public School to meet the needs of its already large and expanding student body. Beyond this, the funding will help the school in its commitment to providing high-quality education that sees its students leave as responsible young citizens with the ability to make meaningful decisions in life. I thank the Government for its commitment to funding Hurstville Public School.