Jean Harrow

Thursday, 30 July 2020

I acknowledge the contribution of Ms Jean Harrow to our local area as she retires from her role as President of the St George Art Society.

Jean has been serving the St George community for 15 years and has led the society from 2014.

The St George Art Society seeks to develop practice and appreciation for art in our local community, encouraging aspiring artists and enthusiasts.

Under Jean's guidance, the society remained incredibly active and present. Jean's legacy is that of an incredibly dedicated and compassionate president who cared deeply for the members of the St George Art Society.

Jean also sought to make the society more inclusive and expand membership. It has certainly come a long way from its selective male‑only membership in 1944.

It is easy to forget that a contribution like this benefits not only the society but also the entire local community.

We are blessed in the St George area with a sensational spirit of service and community.

Jean has now become a large part of this history. On behalf of all the local community, thank you to Jean Harrow.