Jubilee Community Services Road Safety Funding

Thursday, 05 March 2020

I congratulate Jubilee Community Services on the continuation of their 'Safer St George Citizens' initiative.

In December last year, the NSW Government announced a grant of almost 5 thousand dollars to continue this very worthwhile program.

Jubilee Community Services, together with this Government, recognise that education is the first step to creating safer communities.

That is why this money will be put towards workshops on pedestrian safety and driver safety, in order to make St George's roads safer. 

The money will also fund basic emergency first aid training for seniors, making the older members of our community more independent and confident in a time of emergency.

Given the large amount of seniors in my electorate, this is a particularly worthwhile initiative.

Just before Christmas last year, it was great to visit Jubilee Community Services and meet some of the people who will benefit from the program.

I would like to thank General Manager Lance Rickards, Chairperson Marion Smith and the whole team at Jubilee Community Services for their work on the 'Safer St George Citizens' initiative.

I am immensely proud that our Government has been able to contribute to such a valuable program.