Local Football in St George

Friday, 13 November 2020

Speaker, I am thrilled to inform the House of the recent rise of football in our local community. Football is the world's largest sport and has united countries across the globe. This year, my son James began playing for Forest Rangers FC and has loved the experience. It has been great to see him learn new skills, make friends and use his energy on the field, rather than at home. Locally, participation numbers are on the rise.

There are a range of clubs across all sections of our community, under the umbrella of the St George Football Association. The NSW Government has responded to this growth by providing assistance to local grassroots football clubs. I was delighted to recently announce funding for Lugarno Football Club, Glory Football Club Riverwood, Forest Rangers Football Club, Oatley Football Club and Peakhurst United Football Club.

The money will go toward registration subsidies, equipment purchases, facility upgrades, skills workshops and much more. Many of the clubs have worked hard over many months for these upgrades.

I would like to thank all those who are backing football locally.

I am excited for what lies ahead!


(NSW Parliament Hansard, 10 November 2020)