Merry Manandhar

Friday, 11 June 2021

I acknowledge Merry Manandhar, who is the cultural coordinator of the Nepalese Australian Association. The past year has been tough for all members of our community and I thank Merry for her ongoing commitment to helping those in need.

Merry first joined the Nepalese Australian Association in 2013, to assist with cultural activities. She now coordinates her own weekly Nepalese dance classes and educational seminars which are loved by members. Currently there are 30 students in her class and I have heard first-hand from Merry that it is filled with some amazing talent. During the recent pandemic, she made a rapid transition to teaching these classes virtually and this is a great result for our community as it brought everyone together during this difficult time.

It is for these reasons that she was nominated and presented with an Individual Achievement Award as part of the Tenth Anniversary of the St George Community Awards last year. These awards honour some of the many men and women who go above and beyond every day to make our community even better.

Well done Merry.


NSW Parliament, 09 June 2021