Michelle Newman

Friday, 27 November 2020

Speaker, what makes the community groups in the St George area so valuable is the commitment and dedication of their devoted volunteers. I rise today to acknowledge Michelle Newman who has done an outstanding job as CEO of the Riverwood Community Centre for the past two years.

The Riverwood Community Centre does a tremendous job at providing assistance to those in need whether it is through their youth services, family support programs or their activities for the elderly. I am sad to see Michelle leave this wonderful organisation but I am inspired by the legacy that she has left for staff, members and the wider community.

In the past two years, Michelle has increased the number of services for the community with the inclusion of new programs like the employability skills program for women with children. She has also been fundamental to the continuation of the organisation through the recent pandemic which has ensured the safety and wellbeing of individuals throughout the Riverwood area.

Congratulations Michelle on all of your fine achievements and our community wishes you all the best in the future.