Oatley Heritage and Historical Society

Thursday, 24 October 2019

I acknowledge the great work of the Oatley Heritage and Historical Society as it approaches its twenty-fifth anniversary. The society was established in 1995 with its inaugural meeting held at the Oatley School of Arts. The society undertakes research in historical events and places around Oatley, with meetings held quarterly and informal coffee and chat meetings held three times a year. The society has made a valuable contribution to our local community, actively participating in the Oatley Village Festival and visiting schools in the area to discuss matters of local history. I encourage residents throughout my electorate to check their local history and get involved in the society's website.

I congratulate President Julian Sheen, Secretary Bill Wright and the rest of the society on its brilliant, fantastic work. I look forward to celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2020. I thank it for keeping our community informed about local history in the local community.