Oatley Remakery & Sustainability Hub

Thursday, 30 July 2020

On 29 February at Oatley Community Centre it was a pleasure to represent the Government at the launch of the Oatley Remakery & Sustainability Hub.

The hub was funded through the New South Wales Government's My Community Project.

My community is blessed with some beautiful natural treasures—bush, water and wildlife.

I support my community in the protection and conservation of our nature, as most recently evidenced by the establishment of the Oatley Remakery & Sustainability Hub.

The hub encourages locals to recycle their goods and minimise landfill.

It is a great initiative and another example of the Government thinking globally and acting locally.

I thank the Bower Reuse and Repair Centre in Marrickville for their role in the process and the entire team for this creation.

It is a wonderful contribution to our local community. May our local environment remain beautiful.