Penshurst West Public School

Friday, 23 October 2020

I provide the House with an update on a local school in my electorate, Penshurst West Public School. I am thrilled to announce that the $8.8 million upgrade is now complete, which includes seven new learning spaces and classrooms, a new two-storey building, a new student amenities building with a special programs room, upgrades to the staff carpark and enhanced open spaces. Recently I was delighted to visit the school to announce a $19,500 grant for the school as part of the Community Building Partnership program. It is always great to visit the tight-knit Penshurst West community. However, that visit was extra special as I saw firsthand the great impact that the upgrades have had. The money will support the installation of drinking fountains and water bottle refill stations, ensuring that students remain healthy and hydrated. I am immensely proud to be part of a Government that is so committed to public education investment, and it makes me even prouder when I am able to see the results firsthand in my own electorate. I hope Principal Ross Angus and the whole Penshurst West Public School community enjoy the upgrades.